Temporary Foundation

Temporary Foundation Systems , NAL Sockets and Precast Column Bases, UK

Welcome to TFH Ltd, one of the UK’s leaders in providing NAL sockets and temporary foundation systems. Our selection of temporary foundations have a number of benefits such as, concealing unsightly electrical cables, being highly resistant against vandalism and are highly stable. All posts can be secured in place with retaining bolts and are finished in a reflective paint, making them more visible to motorists.

The NAL Temporary Foundation Systems are a range of highly stable concrete bases which secure all types and sizes of illuminated and non-illuminated posts which are required on a temporary basis.

All posts are locked in position with the unique retention socket system. This ensures that posts cannot be removed or rotated by unauthorised personnel. All electric cables enter and exit at the bottom of the bases when used with illuminated posts. The retention socket also allows posts to be easily unlocked and removed at the end of contracts, leaving them ready for stacking and storing or re-use with different posts. The foundations are rectangular in shape to ensure maximum stability.

Due to the shape and construction, our precast column bases are easy to transport around your site and have two options of lifting available, two precast lifting loops on top of the bases, and two forklift voids. This ensures the foundations can be easily transported to and around site. Foundations are manufactured with steel anchors to enable them to be bolted to the ground, if required. A wide range of standard sizes are available.

If you would like more information about any of our NAL Temporary Foundation Systems and precast column bases, please call our offices in Essex, UK on 01277 621560.


  • Electrical Cables consealed from public
  • No cutting of poles on site
  • Vandal proof
  • Simple to transport to and around site (two methods of lifting available)
  • Simple removal of post from base allows easy storage
  • Various base sizes available to suit site conditions
  • Highly visible with Reflective paint
  • High stability
  • Units can be bolted to ground
  • Posts locked securely in place with retaining bolts


Products Ref Dimensions of base
L x B x H
Retention socket/
Post sizes
Method of lift Weight of base

Signage Barriers 460 x 300 x 460 48mm dia 50x50mm
60mm dia 76x76mm
76mm dia 50x60mm
Lifting Loops 152Kg
Traffic Signals 700 x 450 x 650 89mm dia
114mm dia
140mm dia
168mm dia
Lifting Loops and Forklift voids 500Kg

Signage Street Lighting

900 x 900 x 900 193mm dia
200mm dia
Lifting loops and Forklift voids 1750Kg
Street Lighting 1300 x 1300 x 600 193mm dia
200mm dia
219mm dia
250mm dia
273mm dia
Lifting loops and Forklift voids 2400Kg
  Our precast concrete bases can be manufactured to suit your specific requirements Your specific post size Lifting loops and Forklift voids Depending on size

Temporary NAL Retention socket base


Forklift voids and ligting loops
allow easy transportation
Ready for work
Fully re-usable and easy to stack and store
Posts are secured in place with a NAL Retention Socket   Traditional Pole and Barrel method